How do I know if Im a coward?

How do I know if Im a coward?

17 Signs You are dealing with a complete coward

  1. They Fear Honesty.
  2. They Avoid Strong People.
  3. They Pretend They Don’t Know.
  4. They Frequently Take the Easy Way Out.
  5. They are a Magnet for Weakness.
  6. They Have “Shiny Ball” Syndrome.
  7. They are Master Manipulators.
  8. They Do Not Apologise.

How do I become a brave coward?

Cultivating Courage

  1. Reduce uncertainty. Uncertainty holds us back from being brave.
  2. Relax. When our bodies feel fear, we start churning out negative, disaster-focused, irrational thoughts.
  3. Get angry. According to Biswas-Diener, the only emotion that can overcome fear is anger.
  4. Avoid the bystander effect.

What is the opposite coward?

Coward means; lack of courage, funky, fearful, cowardly, timid, dastardly. Opposites of Coward; brave. bold. courageous.

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How do I become dare?

7 Brave Steps to Become Fearless

  1. Own it: Bring your fears into the light.
  2. Tame it: Reign in catastrophizing.
  3. Name it: Call out your critic.
  4. Flip it: Rethink risk.
  5. Embody it: Tap your inner Braveheart.
  6. Risk it: Take the leap.
  7. Build it: Train the brave.

How can I overcome my fear and brave?

  1. Build Awareness. In order to overcome fear, it is important to first recognise your fear.
  2. Face Your Fears. Every time you face your fear you gain strength, courage and confidence.
  3. Take Actions.
  4. Reading Helps.
  5. Watch Your Diet.
  6. Yoga to the Rescue.
  7. Stay Positive.
  8. Breathe and Breathe.

What is the opposite rare?

exceptional, infrequent: well-done, regular, ordinary, frequent, typical, normal, Familiar, worthless, commonplace, cheap, standard, usual, sufficient, common.

What do you do when a coward hurts your feelings?

When a coward hurts your feelings, you might calmly express that to them and ask them to stop. A coward will then laugh at, dismiss, or ridicule your feelings.

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What are the signs of a cowardly person?

Cowards use drama to distract others from the fact that they need to step up, apologise and take responsibility. Sympathy points are the coward currency and they want to make you pay. 16) They Constantly Blame Others. Blaming someone else puts them in the position of a victim who is not in control.

Why do cowards tend to hide away from strong people?

Strong honest people will call a coward out on their BS. So cowards tend hide away from strong people so they can maintain a fake persona. Cowards pretend they don’t know what they actually do know. They pretend they don’t know about opportunities in order to avoid risk.

Why do cowards fear punishment?

Cowards fear punishment. They use all kinds of distractions to avoid taking responsibility and apologising, including adamantly and righteously denying any wrong-doing, or by creating abandonment threats to make the other person back down or take on the fault instead. It takes both facts and intuition to analyse situations effectively.

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