How do I file a complaint against my UPS driver?

How do I file a complaint against my UPS driver?

Your first stop when filing a complaint to UPS is to call Customer Care (1-800-742-5877). Strengthen your message by also sending an email to their Customer Service Department ([email protected]).

How do I contact UPS to complain?

Please visit our Customer Help and Support Center or call 1-888-742-5877.

How do I contact the CEO of UPS?

Chief Executive Officer

  1. (Direct) +1 770 ❅❅❅ ❅❅❅❅ (Direct)
  2. (HQ) (404) 828-6000. (HQ)
  3. ❅❅❅❅❅
  4. (HQ) 55 Glenlake Pkwy NE, Atlanta, Georgia, 30328, United States. (HQ)

How do I write a complaint letter to UPS?

Explain your complaint and include as much information as you can. For example, if a UPS deliverer was rude to you, give the name of the person, what day the incident occurred, what package he was delivering, and a description of him.

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How does UPS investigate a lost package?

We may inspect the package at the shipper’s or receiver’s site, or collect the package for inspection at a UPS facility. Once our investigation is complete, we will email, fax, or mail a notification letter to the shipper. We will not send inspection information to the receiver of the package.

What government agency regulates UPS?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website ( shows that one member of the UPS corporate family, UPS Ground Freight, Inc.

Can you track UPS truck?

UPS has finally rolled out true package tracking, letting you see exactly where the truck carrying your item is on a map right from your smartphone or PC. And you’ll need to sign up for a (free) UPS My Choice account if you want the advanced tracking capabilities.

Where is the headquarters of UPS?

Atlanta, GA
United Parcel Service/Headquarters

Who is the head of UPS?

Carol B. Tomé (Jun 1, 2020–)
United Parcel Service/CEO

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Carol B. Tomé is the Chief Executive Officer of UPS. She is the 12th CEO in the 114-year history of the company. Before joining UPS, Carol served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of The Home Depot, Inc., one of the world’s largest retailers.

Who is the president of UPS?

Nando Cesarone
United Parcel Service/Presidents
Nando Cesarone serves as President of U.S. Operations. In this role, Nando is responsible for all package delivery and logistics services, as well as UPS Airlines, for the world’s largest economy. Prior to his current role, Nando served as President of UPS International.

How long do UPS investigations take?

UPS claims tend to take about ten days to investigate and process completely, at which point you could receive a full refund should your claim prove successful. The shipper, receiver, or a third party can file a claim.

Does UPS lose a lot of packages?

As we highlighted above, it is incredibly rare for UPS to actually lose your package (not just have your package delayed somewhere throughout their infrastructure, but actually lost or stolen) – but they do have a specific process you can follow to get resolve things ASAP.

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