How can I prepare for IAS with MBBS?

How can I prepare for IAS with MBBS?

Give Special Attention to NCERT Textbooks NCERT books hold a special place in preparation for UPSC. If you are pursuing MBBS, then you should give special attention to the biology part in science textbooks and make notes for easy recall and memorization of the same.

When should a MBBS student start preparing for UPSC?

12 When should one MBBS student start preparing for CSE? Ans. CSE is an exam which needs a thorough understanding of various aspects of syllabus. Best time to start is your 2nd year of course, in initial 2 years be familiar with the topics, and prepare for your medical optional with your course subjects.

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Which subject is best for IAS for medical students?

IAS (UPSC CSE) Mains – Preparation Strategy for Medical Science Optional

  • Biochemistry.
  • Forensic medicine and Toxicology.
  • Human Anatomy.
  • Human Physiology.
  • Pathology.
  • Pharmacology.

Is MBBS good for IAS?

One can do civil services after MBBS as this is an alternative career option for the MBBS graduates who consider themselves for administrative services like Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Revenue Service (IRS) or Indian Police Service (IPS).

How can I become a medical officer after MBBS?

A candidate applying for a post of government medical officer should pass UPSC Combined Medical Service Examination. To be qualified and to apply for UPSC Combined Medical Service Examination the candidate must have passed with at least 50 \% marks in his/ her Bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree.

Can a 3rd year MBBS student give UPSC?

Yes anyone can give this exam. As the qualification required is only graduation for this exam. The only eligibility is that any graduation degree candidate can give this exam, who is in last year of the course or completed.

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Which job is best for MBBS?

Completed your MBBS? Here are some of the careers you could pursue

  • Diploma of National Board.
  • International Education.
  • Combined Medical Services.
  • Defence Services.
  • Private and Government Hospital Employment.
  • MBA in the Medical Field.
  • Clinical Research.
  • Start A Clinic.

Is IAS tougher than NEET?

Bibhuti Jha said, UPSC is tougher than NEET, this is because in NEET you have a limited syllabus but in UPSC there is no limitation. Moreover, the questions can come from any field. It can be from Gk, GS and many other subjects which test the knowledge of the aspirants.”