How are volcanic mountains formed answer?

How are volcanic mountains formed answer?

Volcanic Mountains are formed due to volcanic eruptions. It happens when molten rock or magma under the surface of the Earth erupts. When magma flows out on the Earth’s surface it is called lava. The accumulation of lava and its subsequent cooling down results in the building of a volcanic mountain.

What are volcanic mountains answer?

Volcanic mountains are a special class of mountains. A volcano is a vent or opening through which magma, ash, gases, and water vapour are ejected out. Volcanic mountains consist of – Magma chamber, Vent, Lava, Crater, and pyroclastic flow. Volcanic soil or the soil around a volcanic mountain is very fertile.

How are volcanic mountains formed Class 6?

(4) Volcanic mountains: These mountains are formed as a result of the cooling down of lava and other materials that come out of a volcano during volcanic eruptions. Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) is an example of a volcanic mountain.

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How are volcanic mountains formed give examples?

Volcanic Mountains are formed when molten rock (magma) deep within the earth, erupts, and piles upon the surface. Magna is called lava when it breaks through the earth’s crust. When the ash and lava cools, it builds a cone of rock. Mount Kea and Mount Loa in Hawaii.

How are volcanic mountains formed Class 9?

Volcanic: Movements of tectonic plates create volcanoes along the plate boundaries, which erupt and form mountains, these mountains are known as volcanic mountains. When the magma cools, it creates a large dome of harder rock under the surface, which erosion sometimes reveals.

How are volcanic mountains created Class 9?

(b) Volcanic Mountains : These mountains are built from material ejected from the fissures in the earth’s crust. Volcanic mountains are the most diverse because there are great differences in volcanic eruptions as well as the materials they throw up.

What is volcanic mountain called?

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A stratovolcano or composite volcano is made up of many layers of ash, rock and hardened lava. Some of the largest, most impressive volcanoes in the world are stratovolcanoes (think about Mount Fuji or Rainier). And we don’t just have volcanic mountains here on Earth.

What are mountains for Class 6?


  • A mountain is a natural elevation of the earth, and most mountains have a small summit (top) and a broad base.
  • Mountains are considerably higher than the surrounding land and some are higher than the clouds.

How do mountains form?

Most mountains formed from Earth’s tectonic plates smashing together. Below the ground, Earth’s crust is made up of multiple tectonic plates. They’ve been moving around since the beginning of time. The result of these tectonic plates crumpling is huge slabs of rock being pushed up into the air.

How are volcanoes formed Class 7?

Lava is molten rocks or magma coming out from the magma chamber through a vent, which is located in the middle of a volcanic mountain and connected to a pool of lava under the earth’s surface. With time, the lava and ash flow out of the magma chamber, cool down, solidify and accumulate in layers forming a Volcano.

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How are mountains created Class 9 short answer?

Fold mountains are called so because of the result of large- scale earth movements caused by stresses in the earth’s crust. Such stresses may be caused by weight of the overlying rocks, movements in the mantle, the expansion or contraction of some part of the earth, etc. the raising of folds makes the fold mountains.

How are volcanic mountains formed explain with the help of a diagram?

Answer: Movements of tectonic plates create volcanoes along the plate boundaries, which erupt and form mountains. A volcanic arc system is a series of volcanoes that form near a subduction zone where the crust of a sinking oceanic plate melts and drags water down with the subducting crust.