Does smallcase rebalance automatically?

Does smallcase rebalance automatically?

Your smallcase will be rebalanced only when you confirm & place the order, it will not be done automatically. You can skip the update if you do not want to apply it. Your SIP (if active) will also be updated to match the new constituents.

Does smallcase charges on rebalance?

You can check which shares will be sold and which shares will be bought in this update. Rebalancing is totally your decision. Smallcase cannot force you to rebalance your portfolio.

Does smallcase tell when to sell?

A notification on the smallcase app (also sent over email) tells you when a change to the portfolio is due. The smallcase platform places the applicable buy and sell orders through your regular trading account and confirms when the transactions are executed.

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Will smallcase sell stocks?

Hi there, The stocks from a smallcase is sold only based on the theme of the smallcase and not based on the performance. So any stock that no longer fits the theme will be removed and any stocks that fits the theme will be added. Also smallcase doesn’t buy or sell ie., don’t place any orders on user’s behalf.

When should I leave smallcase?

There is no lock-in period on your smallcases investment, you can exit anytime. You can choose to exit completely or partially from your smallcases or you can also sell individual stocks using the Manage option. 💡 Good to know: smallcase are tailor made for long-term investments to give desired returns.

What is weightage smallcase?

Weighting scheme decides how much of the invested money will be going into every stock of smallcase. If A stock has 15\% weight in the smallcase and investor wishes to invest Rs 1000, then Rs 150 will go in stock A. If the price of the stock A is Rs 10, it means investor will buy 15 (150/10) shares of stock A.

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Is it worth investing through smallcase?

Though smallcases look better in terms of costs and returns, they come with a prerequisite of market knowledge. And investors who have the requisite knowledge to manage their own portfolio can consider investing in smallcases. Else they are better off investing in mutual funds.

What is rebalance smallcase?

Rebalancing is the process of periodically reviewing smallcases by their creators. It ensures that the smallcase continues to reflect the original idea. You should review & apply the update as you receive them.

Is it worth investing in smallcase?

Can I sell smallcase stock from Zerodha?

You should not sell your stocks in smallcases directly on Kite platform as: smallcase platform doesn’t receive any transactions done on Kite platform. Your holdings would continue to show these stocks, resulting in incorrect returns.

What happens when I exit a smallcase?

After the exit smallcase pop-up opens up, you would need to select Whole exit, review the orders and confirm them. This action places sell orders for all the shares of stocks you hold in the smallcase, and shows you the amount you will receive from the exit.

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