Does BIT Mesra have NRI quota?

Does BIT Mesra have NRI quota?

Applications are invited from the Non Resident Indian (NRI), Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) and Foreign Student (FS) categories to following full-time Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Integrated programs offered by the Institute at Mesra Campus.

Can I get direct admission in BIT Mesra Ranchi?

It does not provide direct admission. It strictly admits students through JEE Mains. As far as my knowledge goes, you can’t get admission in BIT Mesra Ranchi for B. Tech without qualifying JEE Mains with the required rank.

Does BIT Mesra have female quota?

OBC category seats are filled separately by the institution….BIT Mesra Seat Matrix.

Branch Seats State Quota
Civil Engineering – Female Only All India
Computer Science and Engineering – Gender Neutral 66 All India
Computer Science and Engineering – Female Only All India
Electrical and Electronics Engineering – Gender Neutral 33 All India
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Does BIT Mesra take donation?

No. There is no donation/payment seats in BIT MESRA. Every course has it’s own eligibility criteria for admission.

How much marks do I need to get admission in BIT Mesra?

Therefore getting a score in between range of 150-180 should be enough for your admission in BIT MESRA .

How can I take admission in BIT Mesra Quora?

For admission in BIT Mesra you have to write JEE mains exam and get a decent rank. For CS you should have preferably a rank within 10000 if you are from home state quota (6000 rank for all India quota). For IT branch a rank within 15000 should be sufficient. Both the branches have excellent placement opportunities.

What does NRI quota mean?

NRI Quota refers to the reservation of seats that is allotted to Non-Resident Indians by the institutes and universities of India. Overseas Citizen of India (OCI), Person of Indian Origin (PIO) and Foreign Nationals are also eligible for admissions under the NRI Quota.

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