Does air conditioning spread the coronavirus disease?

Does air conditioning spread the coronavirus disease?

While there is no clear evidence at this time, fans and air conditioners do move air around in a room, so they theoretically pose a risk of spreading viral particles and droplets. More research is needed to understand the impact, if any, of air conditioning on the spread of COVID-19 in public places.What we are more confident about is that the primary way the virus is spread is through close contact with someone who is sick. So keeping a physical distance from others, covering your coughs and sneezes, washing your hands frequently and wearing a cloth face cover in public areas are critical.

Do airplane air conditioning systems really make you sick?

Talk of the air conditioning systems on aircraft can be enough to make a germaphobe squirm. With all the urban legends of getting sick after flying, and the thought of breathing stale air onboard commercial passenger jets, planes’ AC systems have developed a bad reputation in some circles.

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What are the health risks of flying in a jet?

At the altitude at which commercial jets fly, the air pressure does not allow humans to breathe independently. To overcome this, hot compressed air is drawn from the plane’s engines and, once cooled, directed into the cabin to supply breathable air – known as bleed air. This does not pose a health risk in itself.

Is air conditioning better than flying for health?

As another answer basically states, having “air conditioning” is far more healthy than flying for long periods at temperatures of -30C and below. Airliners are inherently unhygienic. No thorough cleaning with antibacterials occurs between flights. Those vent knobs look like they’ve never been cleaned.

How safe is the air on an airplane?

“The air system on an airplane is as good as anything you will be exposed to,” Delaney said. Air circulation is only one of several techniques for reducing potential for the virus to spread on board including rigorous cleaning of the plane and screening passengers for signs of illness, he added.

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