Do programmers copy from Stack Overflow?

Do programmers copy from Stack Overflow?

Code once, run millions of times Copying code from Stack Overflow is a form of code cloning; that is, duplicating code from within a project or between projects and reusing it. Depending on who you ask, as little as 5-10\% or as much as much as 7-23\% of code is cloned from somewhere else.

Why do people hate Stack Overflow?

People hate it because some users there are NUTS, and when you’ll start asking questions, you’ll inevitably run into those users. Large portion of moderators don’t care about knowledge, learning, programming, they care only about rules, and proving themselves to be right.

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Is it good to use Stack Overflow?

Stack Overflow is an incredible collection of programming and software knowledge. Thousands of students and developers use it daily to lookup answers for questions they can’t solve easily themselves. It’s built and grown by a community of developers, with new questions and answers being added all the time.

What is bad about stack overflow?

Some people who may or may not have knowledge, happily down votes and write hurtful comment about your knowledge, stack overflow rules etc. Basically, these people act like they have same or little more knowledge than Google. Also, they have the absolute right to be obnoxious.

What is stack overflow in programming?

A stack overflow is an undesirable condition in which a particular computer program tries to use more memory space than the call stack has available. In programming, the call stack is a buffer that stores requests that need to be handled. It is usually defined at the start of a program.

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Which framework is best for web development Stack Overflow?

Newcomer Svelte takes the top spot as the most loved framework. React is the most wanted, desired by one in four developers.

What are some of the best obfuscators for Visual Studio?

This is a pretty good list of obfuscators from Visual Studio MarketplaceObfuscators ArmDot Crypto Obfuscator Demeanorfor .NET DeployLX CodeVeil Dotfuscator.NET Obfuscator Semantic Designs: C# Source Code Obfuscator Smartassembly Spices.Net XenocodePostbuild 2006 .NET Reactor

Is it worth it to obfuscate your code?

The obfuscators are getting a little better about it, but many outfits decide that they see enough benefit from minifying and gzipping, and the added savings of obfuscation isn’t always worth the trouble. If you’re trying to protect your source, maybe you’ll decide that it’s worth your while, just to make your code harder to read.

What are the most common programming problems people have?

As someone new to programming though, they’re likely to search for something like, “put the text on the screen with other text in [some language]”, which of course is going to yield completely useless results. Another common problem is understanding the layers and how pieces go together.

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What’s wrong with open source software?

Worse, it keeps your users from fixing bugs (and shipping the fixes back to you), and makes it harder for you to diagnose problems in the field. Its a waste of your time and money. Talk to a lawyer about intellectual property law and what your legal options are. “Open Source” does not mean “people can read the source”.