Could Sakura have beat Sasori alone?

Could Sakura have beat Sasori alone?

SASORI. Sakura’s fight against Sasori is one of her first big contributions in the series, eliminating one of the terrorist ninjas known as the Akatsuki. However, it should be noted that Sakura did not achieve this victory alone. Regardless Sasori had the upper hand for most of that fight and almost even won it.

Does Sasori care about Chiyo?

Never mind that Sasori actually acknowledged her strength or anything. Because ultimately, the fight was between them, due to Chiyo being Sasori’s grandmother and the woman who taught him everything he knew. It was personal. Sasori did not care if Chiyo lived or died, but to Chiyo, he was still her grandson.

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Why did Sasori lose to Sakura?

Basically they were the worst possible match up for Sasori. Sakura had a antidote that could counteract his poison for a few minutes(his #1 way of killing), plus she had enough raw power to break his puppets, while Chiyo was an experienced Puppetier and knew most of his moves before he did them.

Why did Sasori leave an opening?

But he decided not to and instead, Sasori let himself be killed and freed from his despair and loneliness by his grandmother, in the embrace of his “mother” and “father”; Hopefully finally joining them in the afterlife.

Can Sakura beat Shin?

6 CAN BEAT: Shin Uchiha Shin fought Sakura briefly in Naruto Gaiden but was incapacitated just from receiving one punch from her. When they fought again, later, Shin did fairly well against her. However, Sakura was nowhere near her full-power during this fight.

Does Sasori love Sakura?

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Sasori was impressed with Sakura’s abilities. It’s believed that Sakura’s last words to Sasori had an effect on him emotionally. Before his soul was released from Edo Tensei, one of Sasori’s last thoughts was Sakura. And what’s interesting was that he was simply remembering her, without any spite or anger.

How does Chiyo beat Sasori?

Chiyo controls Sakura using her puppet strings in order to dodge the waves of senbon from Hiruko’s mouth and arm. Chiyo manages to get Sakura close enough for her to use her monstrous strength and smash Sasori’s armored puppet form.

How did Sakura defeat Sasori so easily?

Sakura, had the antidote which counteracts Sasoris poison and she has the brute strength to destroy his puppets. Even then, Chiyo remarked that Sasori was easily able to avoid the last-minute she took against him.

Who is Sasori’s worst match-up?

Chiyo and Sakura were basically the worst match up against Sasori. Chiyo knew the strengths and weaknesses of several of his puppets and was a puppeter herself.

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How does Sasori use his Kazekage puppet?

Sasori uses his Kazekage puppet against Sakura and Chiyo, now armed with his mother and father puppets, utilising the iron sand and unique poison to take them out both. Fortunately, Sakura managed to create an antidote to counteract Sa…