Can we use Capgemini laptop for personal use?

Can we use Capgemini laptop for personal use?

At Capgemini, you are free to decide where and when you work. The laptop, SIM card and connectivity allowance you receive allows you to log in from anywhere. Of course it is a good idea to discuss your work times and location with the client for whom you are working.

Does cognizant provide laptops to freshers?

You will be provided a laptop , so you have a option to work from home.

Does DXC give laptops to employees?

Yes, they give you a laptop.

Who is eligible for a laptop in Capgemini?

Depends on your project requirement and managers approval. Mostly Senior Consultant and above are eligible for Laptop but in case your project requires you to work from home or has client commitments then you’ll get a Laptop.Hope it helps.NOTE : The views expressed on this site are my own and not those of Capgemini

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What is Capgemini off campus 2019 drive for Freshers?

So, Capgemini is conducting Off Campus 2019 Drive for Freshers throughout the Country. Therefore, if you have finished your Graduation and have all the skills that are listed by Capgemini Company, then you can proceed to make your registration to attend the ongoing Capgemini Off Campus 2019 Drive.

What is it like to work at Capgemini?

Working with Capgemini will make you all learn about the industry and market dynamics. So, this will surely add to your business acumen. And the stay in Capgemini will surely help you in professional development. Capgemini Careers will help in applying all your skills and knowledge according to the project you’re assigned.

How to apply for Capgemini for freshers in India?

Therefore all the Freshers Candidates in India can check the Registration link and apply as soon as possible, as the Capgemini On-Campus and Capgemini Off-Campus Drives are ongoing now. There is much reason to choose Capgemini as your Career gate.

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