Can PCM student do CLAT?

Can PCM student do CLAT?

Yes absolutely. CLAT is a stream-neutral exam and you can write it irrespective of which stream you’re from.

Is CLAT difficult for science students?

No , its not hard I am also a Science student ,attemt CLAT 2020. CLAT exam have five section . Those are ENGLISH, LOGICAL REASONING , LEGAL REASONING, GK INCLUDING CURRENT AFFAIRS,MATH (class 10th level)in new-pattern DI (DATA INTERPRETATION) .

Can a PCM student pursue law?

Yes, a PCM student can become a lawyer or study LLB course. It takes an understudy through every one of the different elements of law and giving them inside and out information on the constitution and its law which is needed to turn into an attorney.

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Is it necessary for a PCM student to give JEE?

Many of the Science students from PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Math) stream will sit for their engineering entrance exam (such as JEE exam or BITSAT) while a majority of those from PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) stream will sit for their medical entrance exam (NEET).

Is CLAT harder than Jee?

Firstly, CLAT is much easier to crack as compared to JEE as the difficulty level and competition in JEE is much higher. JEE-Mains consists of 90 MCQ-type questions ( 30 each from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) based on 12th standard syllabus.

Which is better IIT or CLAT?

Both are exams which give you admission to premier institutes in their fields i.e law and engineering. However, since I have appeared for both I must say preparing for the IIT-JEE exam is much much harder than preparing for CLAT. Jee Advance is one tough nut to crack. CLAT is a cakewalk compared to the JEE.

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Can PCB student give CLAT?

Since you are a PCB student you can go for 5 year integrated B.Sc LLB course. How to apply? – You must fill the application form online which is already available on their website “”. – You can pay the exam fees both online and offline.

Is engineering the only option for students who have completed PCM?

In India, it is a common misconception that engineering is the only good option for students who have completed Class12th with PCM. Engineering is a highly glorified and good career choice for students but definitely, it is not the only career choice.

What are the career options after completing 12th PCM?

Here are the detailed career options for students who have completed Class 12th in PCM: Students who have passed Class 12th in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics can pursue a career in the engineering field. Candidates an opt B.Tech or B.E degree course.

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What are the options for Humanities after 12th with PCM?

There are several courses in Humanities that one can opt for after 12th with PCM. These include Bachelor of Arts in psychology, sociology, foreign languages, Travel & Tourism Courses, psychology, sociology, English or Archeology.

Is BCS or BCA a better option after 12th PCM?

If you are interested in pursuing engineering after class 12th PCM but have a keen interest in computer science and its application then BCS or BCA can be the right degree course for you. BCS is an undergraduate degree and professionals are high in demand due to the rapid growth of the IT industry.