Can John Wick beat Rambo?

Can John Wick beat Rambo?

Despite being one of the most prominent action icons, Rambo doesn’t stand a chance against John Wick. As a man who’s best known for his guerilla tactics and the element of surprise, his way of fighting will fall very short to Wick.

What rank was John Rambo?


John Rambo
Nationality American
Birthplace Bowie, Arizona
Accolades Medal of Honor Silver Star Bronze Star
Rank Captain

Is Rambo realistic?

Is John Rambo a real person, or based on a real life story? John Rambo is a character written by David Morrell, a writer who has no record of serving in the army, it is believed. As a result, this character is not necessarily based on anyone in particular, meaning the character is totally fictionalised.

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Is Rambo 4 a reboot?

‘ The Rambo franchise, which started with the 1982 film First Blood and featured Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo all the way up through 2008’s fourth installment, is now officially being rebooted. The Nu Image / Millennium Films project aims to tackle the Rambo franchise in a manner similar to that of James Bond.

What rank was Rambo in the military?

We know this is the most likely option since Rambo acted on his draft right out of high school and enlisted in the regular Army as an NCO before somewhere in-between his nine years of service, becoming a low-rank officer.

Who turned down Rambo?

In 2020, Sylvester Stallone revealed that statues of the character of John Rambo were put up in Hope, British Colombia, the location where this film was shot. It was later estimated there were eighteen versions of the script. A writer who turned down the job was John Milius, who was approached in the late 1970s.

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How skilled is John Rambo?

Master Marksman: Rambo is incredibly skilled with many types of weapons. Being able to use any weapons he finds in the field, including Kalashnikov Variants, M16s, Hunting Rifles, Shotguns, RPGs and Various M60 variants.

Who was the real Rambo?

John Rambo, the character famously played by Sylvester Stallone, was said to have been inspired by tales of this decorated Vietnam veteran’s feats behind enemy lines. Cigar-chomping Colonel “Hannibal” Smith was loosely based on his adventures with a real-life A-team.

Who could play Rambo?

Here’s five possible choices to play Rambo in the upcoming reboot

  5. NICHOLAS HOULT. Although he’s an English actor, Nicholas Hoult could definitely work as a baby-faced John Rambo who eventually becomes the one-man-army that we all know.

Is there a Rambo 5?

Rambo 5: Last Blood is set to arrive on September 20, 2019. The fall is as good a time as any for John Rambo’s last go-around.

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