Can I do MSc microbiology after BSc zoology Hons?

Can I do MSc microbiology after BSc zoology Hons?

For getting admission in Msc microbiology you must a graduate in Bsc. With botany, zoology or microbiology as one of the subject. But if You hold a degree in zoology honours then it would be difficult to get admission in Msc microbiology. If u go for masters in zoology then it Will be more good for you.

Which is better MSc in zoology or MSc in microbiology?

As far as the scope of the course is concerned, Microbiology is the very best course when there is a comparison between both Zoology and Microbiology courses.

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Can I study microbiology after BSc zoology?

yes . you can surely do msc microbiology after bsc zoology.

Which is harder microbiology or zoology?

So if you can get a microbiology degree done without much problems and you can get job opportunities easily but there’s no future in zoology as far as you see, then microbiology is the easier course for you, and vice versa.

Can I do MSC MLT after B.Sc zoology?

No, you cant go for MLT after B. Sc zoology.

Can I do MSC microbiology after B.Sc MLT?

Yes you can opt for MLT microbiology after BSc microbiology . You can also prepare for GATE life science exam and after that their are multiple options for a job and Mtech in IITs.

Which one is best zoology or microbiology?

This purely depends on your interest. Zoology encompasses various fields and it is very important to decide in which field is your interest in order to do a MSc. But taking into account job opportunities surely microbiology has more options of getting into jobs than zoology.

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Can I do MSc in microbiology after BSc general?

2 Answers found. You can do either of the two courses mentioned by you after you complete your B.Sc with CBZ. A bachelor’s degree in Science in any related field like microbiology, biochemistry, life science, biotechnology, and chemistry etc. You have to get a minimum of 50\% of marks in the qualifying examinations.

Which one is best zoology or Microbiology?

Which is better Microbiology or applied Microbiology?

General Microbiology deals with the deeper study of a group of microorganisms (fungi, bacteria and viruses) to get a knowledge if their characteristics in precision . Applied microbiology deals with the study of microorganisms for the sole purpose of benefits to humanity.