Can I do msc computer science after BSc information technology?

Can I do msc computer science after BSc information technology?

Yes you can do M.Sc computer science after completing B.Sc. Even you can pursue M.Sc after having long gap after BSc . Yo u must write the entrance exam conducted by the university to get admission in M.Sc. At central level IIT-JAM exam is the best entrance exam to get admission in the IIT’s, nit’s etc.

Can I change my Master’s degree?

You have to apply to the program you want to be in, submit new application materials (including new letters of reference that speak to your potential for success in a different program), and then that program and the Graduate School have to decide whether to admit you.

Is a master’s degree in Computer Science worth it?

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According to the Department of Computer Science and Northern Illinois University, “Even if you have no background in computer science, earning a master’s degree (as opposed to a second undergraduate degree) will prepare you for jobs that are often more interesting, command higher salaries, and usually offer a better career advancement path.

Do you need a computer science degree to succeed?

There are others who have found that a computer science degree is useful or necessary to grow professionally.” Not having a background in computer science shouldn’t deter you from pursuing a master’s degree in the field, Hescott says. Here are four steps you can take to help you succeed.

How to get a Master’s in Computer Science for non-CS majors?

4 Steps to Earning a Master’s in Computer Science for Non-CS Majors. 1 1. Determine how a master’s in computer science aligns with your career aspirations. People interested in Northeastern’s Align Master of Science in 2 2. Choose the right program. 3 3. Apply. 4 4. Make it happen.

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Is the GRE required for admission to computer science graduate programs?

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is not required for admission to all graduate-level programs but may be beneficial if you are pursuing a master’s degree in computer science with an unrelated undergraduate degree.